Defense Lawyer For Theft And Property Crimes

Criminal charges for theft and property crimes often result from a person being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In many cases, the individual has a chemical dependency, resulting in behavior that is out of character. The charge may be a criminal offense, but it doesn't necessarily make the person a criminal.

If you are facing theft charges in east or west Louisiana, call me, criminal defense attorney Neal Wilkinson in Baton Rouge. Over the past 40 years, I have earned a reputation among police, prosecutors and judges as a hardworking lawyer who understands the law, comes prepared with a strong case and is ready to fight aggressively to protect my clients rights at every turn.

No Empty Guarantees. Just A Promise That I Will Use All My Experience.

You will notice that I am not making false promises of "getting your charges dismissed" or having "illegal evidence thrown out" on a technicality. The truth is, most police and prosecutors are very good at their jobs. Yes, I will look for every legal avenue to protect your rights. If the police have searched your property and confiscated evidence illegally, I will argue to have the evidence disallowed during the discovery phase of the trial — and I'm usually successful.

In many cases, though, the prosecutor's evidence is very real, very legal and very damaging. As your theft crimes attorney, my job will be to work with the prosecutor to find an alternative to a conviction and the harsh sentence that could result. And that is where experience, knowledge and reputation make a difference. In many cases, my name at the top of the legal document has earned me the opportunity to present solutions such as probation or restitution, which simply means returning the property or repaying the dollar value to the owner. I have helped hundreds of clients get their charges dismissed or reduced. Again, I will make no promises, but I am confident I can help you.

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