Baton Rouge Sex Offense Defense Attorney

For specified types of misdemeanor and felony offenses, the state of Louisiana maintains a public sex offender registry for convicted offenders. Individuals on the list may be required to register their legal residence for up to 25 years and may not be allowed unrestricted movement. Not adhering to the registry requirements can result in further restrictions or possible jail time.

Any charge for a sex offense carries with it a lifetime stigma. If you are under investigation or have already been charged, your lawyer will need experience fighting to reduce the charge to a nonsex-related offense or to one that does not require registration. In addition to fighting aggressively to protect your rights, it is critical to handle the case with discretion, keeping it out of the press.

Did You Fail To Follow The Requirements For The Sex Offender Registry?
If your name is on the public sex offender registry and you have run afoul of the requirements and restrictions, call me right away. I will begin working to help you avoid the penalties that come from failing to meet the requirements.

If you have been charged with any misdemeanor or felony sex crime or are under investigation and may face charges, call me, sex crimes attorney Neal Wilkinson, right away. I began my career in 1975 as a prosecutor for the attorney general's office, then opened my criminal defense practice in 1979. Over the years, I have successfully represented hundreds of individuals facing charges such as:

  • Aggravated sexual assault, rape
  • Lesser degrees of sexual assault
  • Sexual assault of a minor
  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution, solicitation of a prostitute
  • Violating requirements for the sex offender registry

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